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This is dedicated to my parents, Vito & Jean  


Heal yourself by good food, no processed and tweek your diet, know what you are eating. 

​There is something to be said about enjoying your food whether you cook it or go out for it.  I grew up in the restaurant business and besides it being hectic and wonderful,  sometimes the choices when ordering product to carry are not in the best interest of the customer.  Meaning, cost is  everything, in our daily routines we are dictated by money, sadly.  As we age we realize time is so precious, so we want to be around family & friends and GOOD FOOD!  I am that person who wants many in her house, around the kitchen laughing and building memories, which require good food again!  So you see where I am going.  You don't have to be a chef or nutritionist to eat good.  Cooking is not everyone's thing, but everyone should be able to prepare easy dishes that don't take much time and that are healhy!  It is all in prepping and thinking about what you want to eat for the week.  Online there are many avenues to go get recipes and learn different cultures of food.  I primarily stick with Italian,  American, Mexican, so that is what I am comnfortable with but I will try something new every now and then, mostly winter time.   I am currently cooking with our EVOO & mostly veggies in the evening, lean protein and wonderful salads with our Aged Balsamic Vinegars.  Like, we have 30 balsamics and when you cook, marinade, grill with these gems, oh your food is wonderful.   Even going to Pinterest you can learn just about anything in cooking, not to mention the 24 hour food programs on television!  How my parents would have loved to live now, they were foodies and everyone gathered in a small kitchen talking tasting and that is where the interest usually starts.  A good memory, a good time with people you want to learn from or cook for.  I tell young friends of mine, make those favorite childrens dishes into a small cookbook, it is a great gift.

This page is designed to help bring awareness to our products.  Here we will be covering many topics, healthy discussions, suggestion on healthy eating along with prepping and preparing easy meals.

Recently, changed my Paleo ways to a more restrictive diet for gut health!  I omitted the dairy, all gluten, all sugar and currently some nightshade veggies which I so enjoy.  I wanted to see if I really could do this for a limited time 10 days to 2 wks.  So I just completed one week, with a cheat day and tried to bring one thing into my cheat day which I realized a new trigger.  The following day I did have a skin reaction, so back to no gluten.  Drinking a lot of lemon water and shots of balsamic vinegar.  Believe me I feel much better on Paleo and this newer restriction of food, I can honestly say I do not miss any one thing right now so I think it can be done.  Now, when I was younger maybe not.  But I think food has changed so much that we need to pay attention to all the allergies and stomach issues people are having. Remember all illness start in the gut, so heal thy gut, google leaky gut, then go from there into a healthier eating habit.  It makes all the difference, I have an article that shows 3 pages of issues you can develop if not taking care of your immune system, because you only one!  

 I am hyperthyroid/Grave's disease so i became interested in changing my eating habits a bit more.   I always ate pretty healthy because I love to cook, but that alone was not enough.  I say I am an expert now in this because I know about food, regulations, growers, producers and what to eat and our circle is getting smaller.  I believe in knowing where my food comes from if I don't grow it.  We all must entrust our local meat counter folks hoping the signs of no antibiotics, no chemicals are truthful.  

​Update:  Restrictive more with my diet just to test the triggers, in this process I have isolated some issues and that is key!

Our supplier is a leading pioneer in production and testing of EVOO!  Some ask why?  Well if you are going to be the best with the freshest EVOO, you must meet standards that most suppliers will not!  Don't we want real food?  Aren't we tired of getting fake food, processed with plastic components just to mention one.  If you know me....I want to be around to see grandchildren, but my genes are against me so I am doing what I can to defy that.  I have researched much over the last 10 years about food, been in the kitchen of many, sold food, saw food bought and sold at farmers markets etc.  Real food is what we need to get back to.  Most illnesses start in our stomaches, as an inflammation due to many issues, but food can actually heal us.  I ask everyone to try a lean diet if you are having any tummy issues, because every disease is related to inflammation so we must try and eliminate things that cause each of us stress.