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Australia/May Crush

Only purchase your oils from:  OLIVE OILS & MORE, they are real and tested! 

South Africa/May


Tasting is everything!

This book has facts about adulterated olive oil and how it all began.    If the product is not regulated then it is easy to blend seed oils and this is why we tell the consumer....taste testing will be your best way to tell.  Yes, even in major stores is it out of date, rancid or started as a blend.  This author also has a blog:    Why not get the real EVOO!

​South Africa/May Crush

ULTRA PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oils are here for you to come in and taste. The Highest Standard in the World, look for the UP symbol.  This testing is completed at harvest. Knowing the harvest date, supplier, country will help eliminate the adulterated oils. (blends)

Plant Based Extra Virgin Olive Oil diet,  is highly recommended by Dr. Flynn.

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​Chile/May Crush

Our current line up is Northern  Hemisphere, Arbequina, Chiquitita, Cobrancosa, they are wonderful, come taste!  The famous Hojiblanca and Picual are here also,  green and grassy great! Remember with each harvest you will have a different taste, due to weather!  I still have your favorite Southern Hemisphere for awhile more.  Smoke point 400-450 degrees, but most of us don't cook that high.  Remember we buy in bulk which secures freshness and polyphenol level.  

HOJIBLANCA, MANZANILLO, PERANZANA Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are also in fusti's for you to taste with harvest dates you can track!  


This symbol is what you want to see when purchasing your EVOO.  You know it has been tested!


                                                                      The healthy oil!

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  High in Polyphenols and freshness is everything when it comes to taste.  Also please remember these oils change with seasons, so three harvest times per season then my supplier goes to the other hemisphere to harvest.  Believe me...this ensures the customer receives the freshest most recent press!